Conker season coming up – Prepare your weapons

What’s all the Fussball about?

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A well-used Table Football table takes pride of place in one corner of the Swordfish Advertising office. Some of us are quite handy at the game, using all kinds of bamboozling trickery to get the ball in the net from any angle. Some of us frankly are not quite so skilled. – me for instance. Don’t get me wrong, I do see what all the Fuss is about, it’s a great game. (Get it – fuss – Fussball? No?) But I just can’t get the hang of it. I mean, the players’ legs are joined together, they have square lumps of plastic in place of footie boots, a piece of chromed alloy rod shoved through their midriff and they’re permanently stuck in 4-4-2. I mean; even Fabio Capello changes his formation every once in a while. (P.S: I’ve played Human Table Football a few years back – it’s an absolute riot.)

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