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Paper back

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Blimey, just when everyone thought paper was dead, it seems the latest shout is ‘long live paper’. Why? Because of the emergence of Paper Apps. Paper what? Paper Apps. How and why? Well, if I’ve got this right, (and I frequently don’t), Paper Apps produce printed electronics, using conductive inks. That means if you aren’t already ‘pioneering the trend’ that you’ll soon be playing music from a postcard and listening to that music through paper headphones – even if that music is Tom Jones’ Greatest Hits version 12. Crazy? That’s exactly what I thought when Colin first drew my attention to their existence – but it just might catch on and become the next big thing. No, not Tom Jones’ Greatest Hits version 12, I mean Paper Apps …

PS> In 5 yrs time, if your TV is made of semi-gloss coated paper and stuck to the wall using sticky-back-plastic speakers, please don’t leave it on stand-by.


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