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On a recent photography shoot, designed to breathe life into a new advertising campaign we’re creating, we gave ourselves rather a lot to cram in to a single day. We needed to capture real personality, individuality and quirkiness from no less than seven models, one at a time. And that’s after we spent weeks sourcing exactly the right individuals to match our individual advertising message. But we pulled it off and, as you can see, still managed to fit in some personal styling along the way.

Sadly, images of the shoot itself can’t be released so instead I thought I’d give you a glimpse into our non-stop working day by outlining my 5 top tips for ensuring your photo-shoot realises your original concept.

1) Stay faithful to the original idea
When shooting models it is very easy to get bogged down in the details and loose sight of the rationale for the shoot. Ensure everyone knows what you are trying to achieve and keeps it front of mind.

2) Casting, casting, casting
For this particular shoot, casting was essential to ensure we captured real-life people and their individuality. Being able to meet models in advance really gave us a feel for how the campaign could come to life. Casting helped us evolve the brief and informed the overall styling for the shoot.

3) Allow plenty of time
On the day itself, we had a tall order of shooting seven models so planning was essential to ensure we had allocated enough time per model. A lot of work happens before a model steps in front of the camera, from styling to hair and make-up so make sure you factor in some buffer time for when those glasses just aren’t working!

4) Have back-up models
If you are shooting under 16’s, back-up models are required in case all does not go to plan. For our child model we were hoping to capture a particular expression, so it was important we made them feel at ease. You are also limited by the number of hours a child model can attend a shoot so back-up’s are a must!

5) Trust your photographer
Photography is subjective – it is unlikely that two people will agree on their favourite shot, but when you commission the services of a top photographer it is important you trust them to do their thing! At the end of the day…that’s why you use a great photographer!

According to our Creative Director Charles “If you want a great photograph, go to a great photographer. The challenge is knowing where to find the photographer who is able to see your vision beyond the lens and elevate it to another level”

OK. I’m ready for my close-up Mr Gumbs!

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