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If you can only see one surfer walking down toward the water in the beach scene above, then it would seem that you are in fact a shark. That’s because these are special anti-shark designed suits. One is specially designed to warn sharks off in a similar way that poisonous fish markings have been found to work. The other is designed to confuse the shark’s vision and camouflage or hide the wearer in the surrounding waves, hence sharks can’t see the wetsuit of the surfer in blue. For those sharks reading this, the surfer in blue is the one on the right of the surfer in black and white. The surfboards are ‘camouflaged’ in the same natty style to match. I’m assuming if a shark does manage to see the guy’s head floating about in the surf, then they’ll just think another shark has got there first, and swim on by. Find out more by googling: Shark Attack Mitigation Systems (SAMS).

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